Long Term Rental

With the ongoing uncertainty in relation to the Malta Lease structures, Dominion Marine SARL's Monaco Rental Solution can save your clients and owners, literally, millions in VAT.

There is a significant advantage for sale and purchase advisers and brokers who get this right. As Jonathan Watson of MFB Solicitors outlined to the audience at Yacht Club de Monaco recently:

"EU owners are asking themselves whether they really need VAT-paid status. In fact, for some years now, Monaco has offered a way....The arrangement involves selling a yacht to a VAT registered Monegasque company and then bareboat-chartering it back again. If done properly, for so long as this arrangement is in place, VAT should be payable on the bareboat charter hire, not on the hull. While this structure is in place, yacht owners can enjoy free circulation within the EU and can be in the structure for as long as they want. In effect, this is a temporary “pay-as-you-go” alternative, to VAT-paid status"

Please Contact if you would like to find out any more information regarding out structures.

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