Monaco VAT Solution

Many superyachts are operated as commercial charter yachts. However, the ever changing EU VAT rules and regulations make this very challenging.

Dominion Marine SARL (DMS), incorporated and registered in the Principality of Monaco offers an alternative arrangement for qualifying superyachts that is robust and fully authorised.

It is an ideal option for superyachts purchased for private use, commercially registered superyachts wishing to go back to private use only, and superyachts currently under temporary admission looking to be imported into the EU.

Key features are:

  • Full EU fiscal compliance
  • Five year 'bare boat' rental
  • VAT paid on rental amounts
  • Extremely flexible with an easy exit
  • At exit all VAT and ownership arrangements remain open
  • Most cost-effective solution in Europe for qualifying private superyachts
  • Approved by the Monaco Tax Authorities, 'Services Fiscaux', and French Customs

Dominion have developed a unique calculator app to work out the comparative VAT rates between Malta Leasing structures and our very own Monaco VAT Solution.

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