Cyprus Leasing

Dominion Marine (Cyprus) Limited (DMC), is incorporated in Cyprus and provides corporate services to our clients wishing to own their yachts through the Cypriot Leasing structure or in a commercial charter structure.

The advantages of the Cyprus yacht leasing set-up include:

  • VAT is paid over a chosen period of time (the minimum being 3 months)
  • The VAT rate is between 3.8% and 11.4% depending on the size of the yacht and is paid quarterly to the Cypriot authorities
  • Once the structure is set up an initial payment of 40% of the VAT due must be paid together with the first VAT instalment
  • Remaining VAT payments are then made on a quarterly basis.
  • All expenses relating to the running of the yacht are the responsibility of the lessee

  • Dominion Marine have managed the administration of our busy classic yacht for 17 years. They are friendly, attentive and a pleasure to work with.

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  • 30+ years Experience in the industry
  • ¬£1bn+ Assets under management
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