Corporate Ownership

If you are purchasing a superyacht you will be seeking the very best advisors to steer you through all of the implications of owning a very valuable seagoing vessel. The advantages of corporate ownership are well known: asset protection, limited liability, tax efficiencies and confidentiality.

Since 1984, Dominion Marine has incorporated over 1,500 companies for both pleasure and commercial superyacht owners in many jurisdictions, including the Isle of Man, BVI, Cayman Islands, Malta and Monaco. Our dedication to client relationships means many clients have been with Dominion Marine for numerous years, with some on their fifth or sixth superyacht.

As one of only a few service providers solely dedicated to assisting superyacht owners, Dominion Marine can offer bespoke ownership solutions expertly tailored to our clients exact needs. Our most popular include:

  • Monaco VAT Solution
  • Malta Leasing
  • Cyprus Leasing
  • Ownership structures for pleasure and commercially operated superyachts

We attend or exhibit at all the major yacht shows across the globe and believe that it is this direct, personal contact with yacht brokers, crew, yacht owners and their advisors that has helped us build a vast network of contacts. This allows us to keep well informed of changes in the superyacht industry, and with European and international legislation.

  • Due to the excellent working relationship we have with Dominion, our owner and his guests are always happy on-board...everything is based on their long standing support.

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  • ¬£1bn+ Assets under management
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